The Joy of Jesus – Walking in Wisdom – Forsake The False

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      20051204 Joy Of Jesus - Walking In Wisdom - Forsake The False - Rev. Tommy Jones


If the #Gospel is #truth, and it is, enemies of the Gospel must be #false.  What are Christians to do with false prophets, #FakeNews, anything-goes #politicians and those who side with them, and #intellectuals who think they know better?  Paul was warning the Philippians about groups in their culture just like these.  Were they members of the church?  Were they Christians?  Is there a difference?  What will be their ultimate reward?  These three groups would say that they have nothing in common, but they do.  Besides their opposition to Jesus Christ and His work on the cross, they all have the same focus.  When Paul says their glory is in their shame, does it sound like the identity politics that is growing in popularity everyday?  Ok, so we should not follow the false, but is there still some interaction we are commanded to do? 

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