Biblical Basis for Missions – The Motive of Missions

Biblical Basis for Missions – The Motive of Missions
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What #motivates you in #life?  What should be our motive to be missionaries? Is the purpose of the Gospel to make us comfortable, or should it propel us to inform others?  At the core of Jesus’ sacrifice is love, God’s love for all of mankind.  Therefor, shouldn’t our motive to share the Gospel with those around us be love.  The word, love, gets thrown around a lot.  But, what kind of love should we have for our fellow man?  How much does the God of the Universe care about us?  In light of God’s sacrifice of His only Son, what can we do to show our allegiance?  Do you think the prodigal son felt loved when his father welcomed him back?  And what are the chances that same son told his friends and neighbors about his father’s love?

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