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Biblical Basis for Missions – The Motive of Missions

Bible Audio Blog What #motivates you in #life?  What should be our motive to be missionaries? Is the purpose of the Gospel to make us comfortable, or should it propel us to inform others?  At the core of Jesus’ sacrifice is love, God’s
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Walk in Love

Bible Audio Blog Last week, we learned how to #walk in the #light.  This week, we are learning to walk in #love.  When #Jesus was asked what the greatest #commandment is, His answer was about loving God and loving others.  Where does love
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Walk in the Light

Bible Audio Blog Numerous studies have shown that #walking is good for your #health.  How should a #Christian walk?  ‘In the light’ is the answer.  But what does that look like?  Does your walk match your talk?  Of course, we can’t live a
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Walking Before the Lord

Bible Audio Blog #Walking implies an #origin and a #destination.  Is it important how we get there, what we do along the way?  Once you make the decision to follow Jesus, it very much matters how you are walking.  How do we walk
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His Internal Ministry- The Pertinence of the Holy Spirit – Giving Worthy Gifts

Bible Audio Blog Unlike the #fruit of the #Spirit, which all #Believers get in full, the #gifts of the Spirit are given individually to Believers at the Lord’s discretion.  What are the dangers of over or under emphasizing the gifts of the Holy
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His Internal Ministry- The Pertinence of the Holy Spirit – Growing Inward Graces

Bible Audio Blog   What is the difference between #gifts of the Spirit and #graces or #fruit of the Spirit?  And why is it fruit and not fruits?  What do the first three graces have in common in terms of character?  Why does
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