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Biblical Basis for Missions – The Motive of Missions

Bible Audio Blog What #motivates you in #life?  What should be our motive to be missionaries? Is the purpose of the Gospel to make us comfortable, or should it propel us to inform others?  At the core of Jesus’ sacrifice is love, God’s
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Biblical Basis for Missions – New Testament Scriptures

Bible Audio Blog Beyond the #Gospel, the first four books of the New Testament, which go through the account of Jesus’ birth, life, death, resurrection, and commission what else in the second half of the #Bible gives us reasons to spread the Good
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The Winning Witness’ Technique

Bible Audio Blog   Okay, for the past several weeks we have been readying ourselves to share the #Gospel to our #friends and #neighbors.  But how?  Is there one way that is better than the others?  While the message should be consistent, can
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The Winning Witness’ Task

Bible Audio Blog   Do you have a #ToDoList?  Christians have one given to them by #Jesus Christ Himself.  We have been given a big task.  How can we complete it?  Where do we find the power to share the good news of
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The Winning Witness’ Type

Bible Audio Blog   Let’s begin an eight week series of lessons on being a #winning #witness.  No one can be a witness to what they have not experienced themselves.  So, of necessity these messages are directed to believers about how to share
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