Christ Is The Answer – Reverence In Worship

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      20010107 Christ Is The Answer - Reverence In Worship - Rev. Tommy Jones


When Paul wrote Corinthians was he being a #mysogynist?  Do you think it was easier for the men to hear that they were to submit to #God in everything?  Consider the atmosphere in Corinth at the time.  How were the prostitutes recognized at that time?  Many people seize on the headship of man over woman in this passage but there are three headships mentioned here.  What happens to the image of God when we fail to recognize His headship?  Did Christ recognize God’s authority over Him even though He was part of the Trinity?  What is the difference between reverence and practice when it comes to this message of purity?  How are men cautioned about authority?  Reverential worship requires inward purity and outward modesty to participate.

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