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A Larger View of Christmas

Bible Audio Blog   What does #Christmas mean to you?  Maybe it brings to mind #CandyCanes, #SantaClaus, #ChristmasTrees, and #presents.  Is there any room in there for #Jesus Christ?  Having been in retail for most of my career, I can tell you that
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Dead Priests

Bible Audio Blog   What book of the Bible calls #Jesus, not only a priest, but the #HighPriest?  Why is that important?  Why don’t most Christian churches have a priest?  How does Christ differ from and surpass the priests of the past?  What
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The Magnetism of Jesus

Bible Audio Blog   What or who can make us see beyond #self?  #Jesus made startling claims while He was here on Earth.  How could He back up all of theses statements?  Did His followers impress people?  Did His geographical location make anybody
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Word of Completion

Bible Audio Blog   As important as #Jesus Christ’s work was on the #cross, why is it important that the story doesn’t end there?  What was the gravity of the statement ‘It is finished’?  How do we know from His choice of words
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Word of Conquest

Bible Audio Blog   I don’t know how I missed it.  Somehow I got out of order on this series from Brother Tommy on the last words of #Jesus Christ.  Maybe I wanted to skip the darkest words he spoke from the cross. 
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Jesus Must Go To Come

Bible Audio Blog   After #Jesus Christ triumphed over the grave, why did He leave?  What else needed to be done?  Did He leave us to fend for ourselves?  Who is the Comforter?  How does the Holy Spirit further God’s plan for us? 
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