His Infernal Ministry – The Performance Of The Unholy Spirit – In Terms Of Tricks

Would you go to see a #magic act if you knew how the tricks were done?  Probably not, and that is the purpose of today’s message – to expose the pattern of schemes the #devil uses.   No 30 minute lesson could cover all the ways #Satan tries to draw people’s attention away from Jesus, but at least Brother Tommy can explain some caution signs.  What is the draw and the danger of attempting to speak to the dead?  How does the devil try to trick us by taking advantage of our wish to know what the future holds?  Are there any true prophetic voices around today?  Is there any merit to witchcraft?  Is there any danger to adopting some of the Eastern religious practices like meditation or transcendentalism?  Are there incidences in the Bible of Godly individuals taking part in occult like activities?  What does the Bible say about taking part in any of these practices?  What is the danger of dabbling with horoscopes or ouija boards?

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