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His Infernal Ministry – The Performance Of The Unholy Spirit – In Terms Of Tricks

Bible Audio Blog Would you go to see a #magic act if you knew how the tricks were done?  Probably not, and that is the purpose of today’s message – to expose the pattern of schemes the #devil uses.   No 30 minute
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What’s That Roar?

Bible Audio Blog   Have you ever heard a #lion #roar?  I don’t mean an #imitation on tv or the computer.  I mean #live and in person.  It is powerful and you can feel it shake your whole body.  What can we learn
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Last Look at Prophecy

Last Look at Prophecy Tuesday, March 13th 2012 @ 12:00 AM (not yet rated) post viewed 394 times This is a great series Brother Tommy taught from mid 1980 to mid 1981 about End Times prophecy.  In this lesson he
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