His Internal Ministry – The Person of the Holy Spirit


Today, we have the introduction of a series of messages on the #HolySpirit.  John 14 teaches us that we need to know about all 3 persons of the one true #God.  You may know God the Father and you may have accepted Jesus Christ the Son as your Lord and Savior, but do you know the person of the Holy Spirit.  Without God’s Word, the Bible, it is improbable that you will strike the right balance.  What harm is there in over or under emphasizing the Holy Spirit?  What does it mean to be filled with the Spirit and to speak the Word with boldness?  The next 12 messages are meant to enlighten and strengthen your Christian walk.  Who is the Holy Spirit and what is His relationship with the Father and the Son?  What capacities does the Bible tell us of His personality?  Was He there at the Creation, how about the baptism of Jesus Christ?  Is He a power or a person?  Is He diety?  Have you ever heard Him referred to as the Holy Ghost?  Why is that an incorrect translation?  Why doesn’t He have a more proper name like God or Jesus?  What are seven pictures given to us of the Holy Spirit?  What are His duties?  


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