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Serve One Another

Bible Audio Blog   What is wrong with looking out for #1?  Where does serving #self first get us?  What does serving others have to do with #freedom in #Christ?  Does freedom in Christ mean freedom to sin?  What does freedom have to
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A New Year without Fear

Bible Audio Blog   Was 2017 a scary place for you?  It seemed full of #uprisings, #protests, #politics, and just bad news.  But what was your reference point?  Did you know that there are 365 times the Bible says ‘fear not.’  Will you
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A Larger View of Christmas

Bible Audio Blog   What does #Christmas mean to you?  Maybe it brings to mind #CandyCanes, #SantaClaus, #ChristmasTrees, and #presents.  Is there any room in there for #Jesus Christ?  Having been in retail for most of my career, I can tell you that
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The Blood Atonement

Bible Audio Blog   Why do #Christian #churches preach and sing so much about #blood?  Because, the #Bible puts a great deal of emphasis on blood.  But why?  How are shadows similar to our understanding of God?  Is there a right way to
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Dead Priests

Bible Audio Blog   What book of the Bible calls #Jesus, not only a priest, but the #HighPriest?  Why is that important?  Why don’t most Christian churches have a priest?  How does Christ differ from and surpass the priests of the past?  What
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Ethics Regarding Situation

Bible Audio Blog   How are our #ethics shaped by the situation in which we find ourselves?  Should each situation have an effect on our ethics?  What are the purposes of situational ethics?  What are the dangers?  What is the ‘Pure Principle of
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