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Biblical Basis for Missions – The Master of Missions

Bible Audio Blog Even though #Einstein wasn’t a #Christian, he did breathe new life into the #logic side of the discussion about the existence of #God with his theories about #physics and #dimensions.  But even more important than these scientific boundaries that were
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Walk in Love

Bible Audio Blog Last week, we learned how to #walk in the #light.  This week, we are learning to walk in #love.  When #Jesus was asked what the greatest #commandment is, His answer was about loving God and loving others.  Where does love
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His Infernal Ministry – The Peril Of The Unholy Spirit – The Savior’s Domination

Bible Audio Blog Finally, a series of messages with a #HappyEnding.  #SpoilerAlert, if you’ve read the #Bible you already know who wins.  What is the difference between the way the devil tried to gain power and the way Jesus Christ achieved domination over
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His Internal Ministry – The Person of the Holy Spirit

Bible Audio Blog   Today, we have the introduction of a series of messages on the #HolySpirit.  John 14 teaches us that we need to know about all 3 persons of the one true #God.  You may know God the Father and you
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The Winning Witness’ Travail

Bible Audio Blog   What kind of #labor or travail does a #winning #witness have to go through even though they have the truth of God’s Word and the strength of the Holy Spirit?  From where should our burden for the lost come? 
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Serve One Another

Bible Audio Blog   What is wrong with looking out for #1?  Where does serving #self first get us?  What does serving others have to do with #freedom in #Christ?  Does freedom in Christ mean freedom to sin?  What does freedom have to
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