His Internal Ministry – The Pertinence Of The Holy Spirit – Blessing Believers


Pertinent means #important and #applicable and Brother Tommy is about to take us through all the important and applicable ministries of the #HolySpirit.  What are the seven ways the Holy Spirit is blessing believers?  How can a non-believer get a new birth?  How does a new believer get the power to do God’s will and work?  What are the four common elements of any baptism?  When does a believer receive the Holy Spirit?  What gives a believer security in their salvation?  How does the Spirit sanctify the believer’s life?  How does He invigorate our life?  How do we get filled with the Spirit as opposed to having the Spirit?  How do we produce the fruits talked about in the Bible?  How do the fruits differ from the gifts?  How does He provide guidance to believers?  Can we still be anointed?  What is a steadfast life and how can we obtain it?


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