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His Internal Ministry – The Pertinence Of The Holy Spirit – Blessing Believers

Bible Audio Blog   Pertinent means #important and #applicable and Brother Tommy is about to take us through all the important and applicable ministries of the #HolySpirit.  What are the seven ways the Holy Spirit is blessing believers?  How can a non-believer get
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Holy Spirit as Seal

Bible Audio Blog   Not the #singer, not the #animal, but seal as in #seal the #secure message.  We are told specifically not to grieve the Holy Spirit.  What does that tell us about the characteristics of the Spirit?  What grieves Him?  What
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Signed Sealed Delivered

Bible and Microphone   What does it mean to be sealed?  In times past, #privacy, #confidence, and #encryption were insured with a seal on the outside of a letter or legal document.  What does a transaction have to do with our salvation?  What
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