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Describing the Defeated

Bible Audio Blog Does #God ever #discipline the #ungodly?  How about His own?  What happens when we rebel against God?  What happens when we go to church but don’t live by God’s word?  Trying to live the Christian life in our own power
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Thou Art Thou Shall Be

Bible Audio Blog Congratulations to all the #graduates.  #Graduation is a time of #change.  In fact, everyday brings change for each and every one of us.  Are you excited or scared?  What influences have made us who we are?  What tools have we
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His Internal Ministry – The Pertinence Of The Holy Spirit – Blessing Believers

Bible Audio Blog   Pertinent means #important and #applicable and Brother Tommy is about to take us through all the important and applicable ministries of the #HolySpirit.  What are the seven ways the Holy Spirit is blessing believers?  How can a non-believer get
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Love One Another

Bible Audio Blog   There are many stories and songs about #Love.  But, what does God’s Word say about how we should love?  What is the difference between feeling love and deciding to love?  What does the Bible say that love is not? 
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Abiding in Christ

Bible Audio Blog   Where do you #live?  You might answer with a #country, a #state, a #city, or you might boil it down to your individual street.  But #Christians have been invited to abide somewhere else by the Lord Himself.  Is the
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