His Internal Ministry – The Pertinence Of The Holy Spirit – Growing Upward Graces

This week we look at the three remaining facets of the #fruit of the #Spirit and we see that all of these graces have one thing in common, they cannot be bought.  So #money or the lack thereof is of no consequence when it comes to obtaining them.  The last three of these, Brother Tommy calls upward graces because they have to do with our relationship with the Lord.  What does it mean to be faithful?  What is the counterfeit of faithfulness and what is the opposite of it?  Meekness is defined by most people as weakness, but the Bible says it is the opposite of that.  It also has an opposite and a counterfeit.  And finally, what is temperance and its opposite and counterfeit?  What does the Bible say about attempting self-control without the help of the Holy Spirit?

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