Let’s kick off a series of December messages by Brother Tommy from 2001.  Even back then, he was lamenting the #waronChristmas.  This week, he talks about Joseph.  And in the following weeks, we will cover Mary and Jesus.  Can …

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#Magnetism is a mysterious force, both in #physics and interpersonal #relationships.  #Commitment draws us to others and the same is true in #missions.  Brother Tommy gives us several examples both in and out of the Bible of men drawn to …

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I can’t even.  We have two more messages in the series we have been doing on the #devil.  But after the celebration I just attended for the #resurrection of my #Lord and #Savior #Jesus Christ, I had to share a …

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What is an #apostle?  Were they just the hand picked followers of #Christ or is the #HolySpirit still enabling Believers with the work gift of apostleship today?  I personally have a friend who has the work gift of craftsmanship.   …

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This week we look at the three remaining facets of the #fruit of the #Spirit and we see that all of these graces have one thing in common, they cannot be bought.  So #money or the lack thereof is of …

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  What does a #tree represent to you?  Trees are mentioned throughout the Bible.  They give #shade, #fruit, #wood for construction and even life giving oxygen.  There is even a whole industry dedicated to making fake trees.  Have you ever …

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