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Christmas Wish

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Holy Spirit as Tree

Bible Audio Blog   What does a #tree represent to you?  Trees are mentioned throughout the Bible.  They give #shade, #fruit, #wood for construction and even life giving oxygen.  There is even a whole industry dedicated to making fake trees.  Have you ever
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A New Year without Fear

Bible Audio Blog   Was 2017 a scary place for you?  It seemed full of #uprisings, #protests, #politics, and just bad news.  But what was your reference point?  Did you know that there are 365 times the Bible says ‘fear not.’  Will you
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Fruit of the Spirit

Bible Audio Blog   What makes a #Christian different from the rest of the World?  They bear #fruit.  Interestingly, my pastor at #BiltmoreChurch touched on this today when he said that it is the fruit of the Spirit, not the fruits of the
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Reason or Revelation

Bible Audio Blog   This week we continue to look at the role of #Religion,specifically #Christianity and how it is superior to #Science.  How important is reasoning in getting through this life?  How important is revelation?  Are they mutually exclusive?  What if reason
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How To Please God

Bible Audio Blog   #DIY or do it yourself is very popular on #Youtube.  Most of the titles start with ‘How To.’  Well, we have three of them before we hear the Christmas message later this month.  Is it possible to please God? 
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