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His Internal Ministry – The Pertinence Of The Holy Spirit – Growing Upward Graces

Bible Audio Blog This week we look at the three remaining facets of the #fruit of the #Spirit and we see that all of these graces have one thing in common, they cannot be bought.  So #money or the lack thereof is of
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Honor One Another

Bible Audio Blog   On #socialmedia and sometimes #irl (in real life) we treat anyone with a different opinion as an opponent.  How do you treat other people?  Is it important to you, is it important to #God?  When #Jesus was asked what
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The Person Who Pities

Bible Audio Blog   Last week, we learned why we should always give #thanks.  This week, we will learn what happens when we ignore this advice and start down a path of #self #pity.  We tend to think of biblical heroes as perfect,
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