Study In A Stable – Mary

Study In A Stable – Mary
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      20011216 Study In A Stable - Mary - Rev. Tommy Jones


Time is short, there is less than two weeks left on the #Christmas #countdown.  And we are on our second of three messages leading up to the anniversary of the Savior’s birth.  Today we hear the story of Mary, a virgin girl chosen by God to deliver the long awaited Messiah.  Typical of the way God works, the events would not unfold the way anybody who knew the prophecies expected.  Interesting fact, the Bible mentions that Mary visited her cousin Elizabeth when Elizabeth was six months into her own pregnancy with John the Baptist.  An ob/gyn friend of mine said that this is the point in a pregnancy when mothers first feel movement of their child.  To what extent do we or should we revere Mary?  What are some of the extra-biblical ideas being taught about her?  What does the Bible say about her?  Mary was favored by God, did that make her life easier?  When presented with overwhelming news about her future, what was Mary’s perfect answer?


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