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Biblical Basis for Missions – New Testament Subjects

Bible Audio Blog How does the New Testament of the #Bible relate to the Old Testament?  The New Testament completes and fulfills the Old.  How does the theme of #missions weave through both?  Were people in the Old Testament saved in a different
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Word of Comfort

Bible Audio Blog   Everybody wants to hear #WordsOfComfort, but who expects to hear those words from a dying man on an instrument of torture?  And yet, that is just what #Jesus delivered from the #cross.  Was Jesus only concerned about the eternal? 
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Testimony of Jesus about John the Baptist

Bible Audio Blog   What does #Jesus say about John the Baptist?  We just heard last week how he proclaimed Jesus #Christ as Lord, but here we pick up the story some time later when John was imprisoned for his speech and needed
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Testimony of John the Baptist about Jesus

Bible Audio Blog   What does John the Baptist say about #Jesus?  Why is it #important what this man has to say about the #Lamb of God?  How did Christ’s arrival signal a new tone in the way we see God?  John the
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