Basic Biblical Beliefs – The Offense of Overfamiliarity

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      19980308 Basic Biblical Beliefs - The Offense Of Over Familiarity - Rev. Tommy Jones


Did you ever get something #new, but the #shine wore off?  Even #relationships are not immune, including our relationship with the #Lord #God Almighty.  Brother Tommy previously spoke about the infinite mystery of God and then the way He reveals parts of Himself to us.  So if we do not yet know everything about God, how can we become overly familiar?  What are some signs that we are taking God too lightly?  Culture, language, small ideas, and even the way we live are examples of this phenomenon.  What is the difference between an atheist and a practical atheist?  Are God’s sovereignty and our free will of equal importance?  If you pick and choose the qualities you choose to believe about God, you have just made an idol.  What then happens to absolutes like morality and truth?  How can we follow Isaiah’s example to properly revere the infinite God of the Universe?  God is not unknowable.  After all, He sent His Son, Jesus as a sacrifice for our sins to bring us into a relationship with Him.

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