The Ministry of Christmas

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      20071230 Analyzing The Annunciation - The Ministry Of Christmas - Rev. Tommy Jones


#Fear not.  The #Bible says that enough times that you could read it once a day for a year every where it occurs and just get through them all.  The #angel said it to Mary when he told her that she would bear the Savior, Jesus.  Can you imagine?  Your people have been waiting since the beginning for a messiah to save them and you have just been told that you are going to be a part of that story.  What kind of peace was given to Mary that is available to us?  Jesus Christ was fully God and fully man which was only possible through the virgin birth.  What do Mary’s reactions to this message show us about how we should react to God’s Word?  If you have accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior, what should we do with this information?  What does it mean to exalt the name of Jesus?  And how can we extend the fame of Jesus?

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