Basic Biblical Beliefs – Our Knowledge Of God

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      19980215 Basic Biblical Beliefs - Our Knowledge Of God - Rev. Tommy Jones


Well, you’ve certainly been patient waiting for this next message on basic biblical beliefs.  Can we know #God?  Last time, we concentrated on the #mystery of God and now we are going through what we can know of the Creator.  How great is it that God made us in such a way that we can long for and find Him?  What is the knowledge of God that every man has?  Why does the Bible assume the existence of God instead of trying to prove God?  Science keeps finding more complexity and asks where it came from, but we know.  As Ray Comfort says, “the building is evidence of a builder.”  That is general revelation of the knowledge of God, but what’s special revelation and where do we get it?  First, we start with His inerrant written Word, the Bible.  Second, we find more closeness with God through His perfect son, the living Word, Jesus.  

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