Basic Biblical Beliefs – Divine Arithmetic

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      19980315 Basic Biblical Beliefs - Divine Arithmetic - Rev. Tommy Jones


Just as there is #AbsoluteTruth about God there are absolute mysteries about Him also, as Brother Tommy mentioned in previous messages.  Today we are talking about the divine arithmetic that is the #Trinity of God, God in three persons.  Was the Trinity invented by man to explain God or does it have its basis in God’s Holy Word?  How does the Trinity adhere to monotheism?  In Jesus’ own words, what did He say about God and Himself?  What did Jesus say about the Holy Spirit?  Analogies can be made about the Trinity to help us understand this concept, but all of them fall short of the real thing because of its divine nature.  What dangers are involved in underemphasizing or overemphasizing the three persons of the Triune God?  If we cannot fully understand this basic Biblical belief, why bring it up and is it important to the life saving Gospel message?  

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