Basic Biblical Beliefs – These Three Go Together

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      19980419 Basic Biblical Beliefs - These Three Go Together - Rev. Tommy Jones


What are the essential aspects of #God?  How do they work together for our good?  God is always righteous.  How is that comforting?  How is it challenging?  What is right and wrong?  Where can we find out?  God is perfectly righteous and cannot accept anything short of that.  How does He provide a way for us to get to a state of righteousness?  God is love, but what kind of love?  How does Jesus prove these aspects of God?  What is the wrath of God and for whom is it reserved?  What happens if we focus too much on any one of these aspects?  

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Are you #hiding behind the #web?  Do you spend many hours each day reading and responding to #blogs, #texts, and #news on line?  Would you like a #reliable #source that does not change day by day?  God’s Word in the book of Isaiah chapters 57 through 61 is as relevant today as when it was written.  “Spiders weave the webs which are crushed by vipers – the webs shall not become garments nor cover themselves with their works of iniquity and acts of violence with feet running to evil shedding innocent blood from thoughts of iniquity with destruction in their paths. We wait for light, but hold obscurity while groping in  desolate places.  The HOLY LIVING GOD INHABITING ETERNITY said, ‘I will not contend forever; I was wroth: I HID ME ..  The way of peace they know not…God said, ‘There is no peace to the wicked’  According to their deeds God will repay.  When the enemy shall come, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him. (HIDE IN THE LORD as in Isaiah 49:2 “LORD made my mouth like a sharp sword; in the SHADOW OF HIS HAND & IN THE QUIVER OR HIS HAND,  HE HID ME SAYING GLORIFY ME“)  My Spirit and words that I have put in your mouth shall not depart forevermore.  So arise, shine; for light is come and the glory of the LIVING LORD IS RISEN UPON YOU…LET HIS GLORY BE SEEN ON YOU.”