The Joy of Jesus – Available For Calculation – Matter of Profit and Loss – When Loss Becomes Profit 2

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      20051030 Joy Of Jesus - Available For Calculation - Matter Of Profit & Loss - When Loss Becomes Profit 2 - Rev. Tommy Jones


#Fear, that is the message the world is bombarding us with daily.  And yet, the Bible tells us do not be afraid.  Why?  Because #God has a plan which involved sending His son to us to die for our sins and we only have to trust and obey to be saved.  When the disciples were in the midst of a storm in the book of John chapter 6, Jesus calmly walked to them on the water, no less, and said “it is I, do not be afraid.”  If you will put your faith in Christ, He will do the same for you.  Then you can have the joy of Jesus that Paul talks about in Philippians.  Brother Tommy aptly describes the salvation experience as a crisis followed by a process.  If Paul was not through with the process of being improved, where do we stand?  Is there joy in striving to attain the goal of perfection?  What is the one thing we need to know?  Paul often likened the Christian life to a race.  What happens when the runner doesn’t know where the finish line is?  How about if that runner is constantly worried about previous hurdles and looking back?  What do we know about the prize for this race?

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