The Joy of Jesus – Pointing To Perfection – Conscientiously

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      20051106 Joy Of Jesus - Pointing To Perfection - Conscientiously - Rev. Tommy Jones


If your faith is in Jesus, you can be joyous everyday despite #viruses, #volcanos, or #locusts.  We just celebrated #Easter not because it is #Spring or the #flowers are in bloom, but because #Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins and then conquered #death for us with His #resurrection.  Are Christ followers perfect?  Why would Paul address these comments to perfect people when he just said that he himself was not perfect?  We cannot do anything to attain salvation, but do we have responsibilities after we have been saved?  If we have a role in our growth, does that mean God is hands off?  How can we know where we are in our growth in the Lord by looking at Paul’s writings?  Was he finished?  Have we arrived?

P.S. I jumped out of order in this series but next week we will realign, God willing.

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The Joy of Jesus – Available For Calculation – Matter of Profit and Loss – When Loss Becomes Profit 2

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      20051030 Joy Of Jesus - Available For Calculation - Matter Of Profit & Loss - When Loss Becomes Profit 2 - Rev. Tommy Jones


#Fear, that is the message the world is bombarding us with daily.  And yet, the Bible tells us do not be afraid.  Why?  Because #God has a plan which involved sending His son to us to die for our sins and we only have to trust and obey to be saved.  When the disciples were in the midst of a storm in the book of John chapter 6, Jesus calmly walked to them on the water, no less, and said “it is I, do not be afraid.”  If you will put your faith in Christ, He will do the same for you.  Then you can have the joy of Jesus that Paul talks about in Philippians.  Brother Tommy aptly describes the salvation experience as a crisis followed by a process.  If Paul was not through with the process of being improved, where do we stand?  Is there joy in striving to attain the goal of perfection?  What is the one thing we need to know?  Paul often likened the Christian life to a race.  What happens when the runner doesn’t know where the finish line is?  How about if that runner is constantly worried about previous hurdles and looking back?  What do we know about the prize for this race?

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A Cloud of Witnesses

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      19861130 A Cloud Of Witnesses - Rev. Tommy Jones


Some people refer to #life as a #RatRace.  Would it surprise you to know that the Bible compares the #Christian life to a race?  Are all the spectators of your life cheering you on to win?  Is it only the opposition watching you run?  Who might be in this cloud of witnesses spoken of in the Bible?  What lessons can we learn from these observers?  What obstacles can we expect in this race?  How can we get rid of these speed bumps?  What is more important in a race, the start or the finish?  Where should your focus be?  

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Receive One Another

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      19830918am Receive One Another - Rev. Tommy Jones


What brings people #together despite different #backgrounds, #politics, #races, or anything else?  It is the fellowship of Believers.  Does this mean excluding non-believers?  How are we to receive each other?  Is it based on who they are or what they can do?  We may not exclude the poor but, do we get just as excited to see them?  How about someone of another race?  How do we receive one another based on Grace?

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The Christian’s Crowns

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      19861228pm The Christians Crowns - Rev. Tommy Jones


Once you have accepted the free gift of #Salvation, what else is there to look forward to?  What are some other motivations to finish the #race well?  Works or being good has no bearing on our being saved from an eternity without God, but works with the right motive definitely determine rewards in the afterlife.  How will the Lord separate good deeds from deeds done for the wrong reason?  How many crowns are available to a Christian?  Will everyone get all of them or even one?  Who will win the incorruptible crown?  How about the crown of glory, righteousness, life, and/or the crown of rejoicing?

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