Why We Never Get By With Sin

Why We Never Get By With Sin

The #Bible says #obedience is better than #sacrifice.  And yet the #World says better to ask #forgiveness than #permission.  Once again, worldly wisdom is at odds with biblical teaching.  Many people never get the message of God, and their life suffers for it.  We are often told there is no black and white, only shades of grey.  That’s called moral relativism.  Who benefits if we never get this concept?  Here, Brother Tommy is telling us about a king who was supposed to destroy everything of the enemy in war, and yet the bleating of the sheep gave him away.  What gives our sins away?  What excuse did the king give for his disobedience?  Did it work?  Will it work for us today?  What part does conscience play?  How about scripture?  Is there consequence or judgment for disobedience?  The grace of Jesus Christ takes away one but not the other.  We will never get by with sin, but we can get rid of it.  

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