Daily Devotion Discipline Finish

Daily Devotion Discipline Finish


How can we #blend #Bible study and #prayer?  When should we pray during our Bible study?  With the exception of Jesus Christ, every person we read about in the Bible had flaws in addition to whatever virtue they may present.  Pastor Bruce at my church, says that there aren’t many people that God used in the Bible that could pass a background check to work in our children’s ministry.  How can we use this information in our prayers?  Are there any promises in the passage you are reading that you can claim?  Are there any conditions to that promise?  Is there an assurance that accompanies the commands we encounter from God while reading His Word?  How can we deal with distraction while studying?  How do we prevent a one way conversation with the Lord?  What posture is best for praying?  What three books assist with a daily devotional?  Do you use a prayer list?  


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