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The Winning Witness’ Training

Bible Audio Blog   We expect athletes to #train before they ever #compete in a #game or event.  But, what would you call a person who trains constantly but never gets in the game?  Witness training is something that can be done throughout
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Pray One for Another

Bible Audio Blog   What effect does #prayer have on the people around us?  I see so many people scoff at others that say, “I will pray for you.’  But the Bible says that the prayers of the righteous accomplish much.  Did Jesus,
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Are You a Christian Mother?

Bible Audio Blog   We are going to take a break this week from the One Another series (just one left) to recognize that Sunday is #Mother’sDay.  You’re welcome for the reminder.  Do you agree with the statement, ‘as the home goes, so
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How To Grow

Bible Audio Blog   Physical #growth occurs naturally in living things, but how about #spiritual growth?  Do we have a choice in our original or first birth?  How about the second?  How does this second birth compare to the first?  What are the
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Have you ever PRAYED to the only LIVING GOD?  As a young child, I was taught in #Church, #Sunday #School, and #Vacation #Bible School  by #teachers and #preachers from the Bible about God -the#Father, Jesus Christ -the #Son, and Holy Spirit
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Revive Us Again

Bible and Microphone   With the #IowaCaucus and the #kickoff of the #primary and #election season, here in the #USA, ask yourself what would a revival do to the outcome? Not just in this country, but what would it do around the world? 
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