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Daily Devotion Discipline Finish

Bible Audio Blog   How can we #blend #Bible study and #prayer?  When should we pray during our Bible study?  With the exception of Jesus Christ, every person we read about in the Bible had flaws in addition to whatever virtue they may
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Plans to Guide Bible Study 1, 2, and 4

Bible Audio Blog   1 Plans to #guide 2 Principles to #enrich 3 Procedures to #strengthen (the hand method:  hearing, studying, applying, meditating, and memorizing) *Lesson 3 is missing, sorry about that. 4 Practices to aid  Do you appreciate the Word of God? 
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Daily Devotional Discipline 1-4

Bible Audio Blog   What is a Quiet Time or daily devotional?  Why is it important to #Christian #growth and #well_being?  How can you know what God says about a subject if you don’t read His Word?  Have you ever wished that God
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