Fruit of the Spirit

Fruit of the Spirit


What makes a #Christian different from the rest of the World?  They bear #fruit.  Interestingly, my pastor at #BiltmoreChurch touched on this today when he said that it is the fruit of the Spirit, not the fruits of the Spirit.  His point was that Christians should have all of these characteristics not just a few (Brother Tommy makes this point as well).  Is #Love for others easy and natural or an act of will?  How do we get joy?  The whole world wants peace, and yet Christ has given it to His followers as a gift.  What is meant by long-suffering?  Is gentleness something we could use more of today?  Does goodness come from God our ourselves?  Faith produces what?  Is faith dependent on circumstances or situations?  How has meekness gotten a bad rap?  Was Jesus meek?  How about Moses?  Temperance or self control is not en vogue right now, but should it be?

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