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Easter Journey Into Joy

Bible Audio Blog I can’t even.  We have two more messages in the series we have been doing on the #devil.  But after the celebration I just attended for the #resurrection of my #Lord and #Savior #Jesus Christ, I had to share a
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His Internal Ministry- The Pertinence of the Holy Spirit – Growing Inward Graces

Bible Audio Blog   What is the difference between #gifts of the Spirit and #graces or #fruit of the Spirit?  And why is it fruit and not fruits?  What do the first three graces have in common in terms of character?  Why does
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Fruit of the Spirit

Bible Audio Blog   What makes a #Christian different from the rest of the World?  They bear #fruit.  Interestingly, my pastor at #BiltmoreChurch touched on this today when he said that it is the fruit of the Spirit, not the fruits of the
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Redeeming The Time

Bible and Microphone   What was your #resolution this year?  Was it to make better use of your #time?  What does the Bible say about the best way to use our time?  Why is right now called the present?  Because it is a
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How does God’s #LOVE correspond to His CHASTENING?    Chasten is defined by Webster as correcting by punishment; discipline – to purify or refine by freeing from faults.  Psalm 94:12 “Blessed is the man whom Thou dost CHASTEN, O LORD,
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House of #Horrors seems to be the thrill for the young and old this October.  What do you experience within it’s walls? – #Fright -#Fear -#Death -#Mutilation -#Screams!  You pay money for that?  What a contrast between the house of
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