The Winning Witness’ Travail

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      19810222 Winning Witnesses - The Witness' Travail - Rev. Tommy Jones


What kind of #labor or travail does a #winning #witness have to go through even though they have the truth of God’s Word and the strength of the Holy Spirit?  From where should our burden for the lost come?  What makes this burden grow?  How much was Paul concerned for the lost?  How about Jesus?  Is this travail meant to bring us down?  How strongly did Paul wish that he could save everyone?  When you listen to Paul’s description of his fellow Israelites in their lost state, do you see any parallels to our current society?

Housekeeping note:  I did not have one of these messages titled the Winning Witness’ Target, but if you listen, Brother Tommy recaps it at the beginning of this message.

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