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The Winning Witness’ Travail

Bible Audio Blog   What kind of #labor or travail does a #winning #witness have to go through even though they have the truth of God’s Word and the strength of the Holy Spirit?  From where should our burden for the lost come? 
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The Way to Worship

Bible Audio Blog   What is one thing we all have in #common?  What form does our search for #God, #meaning, and #worship take?  Why should we worship God?  Would God rather have us serve Him or worship Him?  Is there a difference? 
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Bear One Another’s Burdens

Bible Audio Blog   This week’s message goes a step further than last week’s lesson on #bear with one another.  Bother Tommy says this is the most delicate of the ‘one another’ commands.  This one deals with how a #Christian should handle another
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How to Have a Quiet Time

Bible Audio Blog   As we enter the #NewYear, what #resolution will you make?  Will you resolve to improve your #relationships with others?  How about your relationship with God?  What if I told you that spending time alone with God every day, otherwise
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Knowing the Ways of God

Bible Audio Blog   Are you able to see #God by His works?  Are you ready to know God by His ways?  Some people refuse to acknowledge God’s existence, despite all of the evidence to the contrary.  Others believe in God but don’t
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Healing Expressed

Bible Audio Blog   Well, this message couldn’t come at a better time.  Practically my whole family came down with a #stomachbug this week.  Let’s listen to what Brother Tommy has to say about Biblical healing.  What can we find in the Bible
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