Basic Biblical Beliefs – Salvation – Two Sides

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      19980809 Basic Biblical Beliefs - Salvation - Two Sides - Rev. Tommy Jones


We know from last week that #Jesus Christ is the only way to reconcile our #relationship with #God.  Let’s look at Salvation from God’s point of view.  Who came up with the plan?  Who suffered more by following the plan?  Who did all the fighting and the winning?  How important is our response?  What does it mean to repent and believe?  How are they linked?  

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Back to Bethel

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Jacob met #God and had a life changing experience, but did that #change him forever?  What should we do when we stray from #God?  What should a #nation do when its people forget where they came from?   Is God mad at us when we backslide?  Bethel, or house of God, is where Jacob first met God.  Where is your Bethel?  What are some examples that show that our Savior is a God of second chances?  Jacob and his family had strayed with idols.  But we don’t have any idols today, do we?  One of my pastors says that an idol is a good thing that becomes a god thing.  What outward change did God tell Jacob to make?  What benefit did Jacob receive from following the Lord’s instruction?  When Jacob returned to Bethel, was he returning to a place or to God?  We see Jacob dedicating himself to God, but what about God’s dedication to his servant?  Well, He did rename him.

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