Biblical Basis for Missions – The Mission of Missions

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There is a growing #population of #people that are of the #opinion that you can #believe what you want, but keep it to yourself.  As the idea of #tolerance morphs into one of discouraging conversation of any consequence, the need for missions and spreading the Gospel is even more urgent.  Take heart because the church has always grown more rapidly in times of resistance if not outright persecution.  Why is the church missions based?  What would happen to the church without missions?  Do we build the church or does Jesus Christ?  What is the foundation of the church, the rock Jesus spoke about?  What is church near sightedness?  My home church has a saying that we are not a country club for believers but rather a hospital for sinners.  How should Christians be good stewards?

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Ethics From the New Testament

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      19800514 ROR - As Encouragement To Ethics - Textual Considerations From The New Testament - Rev. Tommy Jones


Last week, we learned that #ethics are the standard by which we judge behavior.  What can we learn about ethics by looking at the New Testament of the Bible?  How did Jesus Christ approach the subject of ethics?  How do we as a society approach this subject?  Did Jesus strike down all of the laws from the Old Testament or did He build on those laws?  What did Paul say about the law and how did it compare to what Jesus said?  What about the other writers of epistles in the New Testament?  What was common among all the lessons Christ gave on ethics?  To whom are we responsible?  Speaking of ethics, why doesn’t the New Testament condemn slavery more strongly?

Next week we will look at what the Bible says about ethics and whether they are affected by situations.

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