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Biblical Basis for Missions – The Mission of Missions

Bible Audio Blog There is a growing #population of #people that are of the #opinion that you can #believe what you want, but keep it to yourself.  As the idea of #tolerance morphs into one of discouraging conversation of any consequence, the need
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Describing the Defeated

Bible Audio Blog Does #God ever #discipline the #ungodly?  How about His own?  What happens when we rebel against God?  What happens when we go to church but don’t live by God’s word?  Trying to live the Christian life in our own power
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Walking Before the Lord

Bible Audio Blog #Walking implies an #origin and a #destination.  Is it important how we get there, what we do along the way?  Once you make the decision to follow Jesus, it very much matters how you are walking.  How do we walk
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The Winning Witness’ Task

Bible Audio Blog   Do you have a #ToDoList?  Christians have one given to them by #Jesus Christ Himself.  We have been given a big task.  How can we complete it?  Where do we find the power to share the good news of
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The Winning Witness’ Type

Bible Audio Blog   Let’s begin an eight week series of lessons on being a #winning #witness.  No one can be a witness to what they have not experienced themselves.  So, of necessity these messages are directed to believers about how to share
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Role Of Religion – As Superior to Science -Identify the Issues – Hostility Or Harmony

Bible Audio Blog   A number of people today are claiming that #Religion is the cause of all the conflict in the World.  This week, we embark on a series Brother Tommy delivered in 1979 on the role of religion.  Specifically, Christianity and
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