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The word #Christian gets thrown around a lot these days.  Some use it as a #putdown others wear it like a #shield.  Is it the opposite of #atheist?  Does it depend on where you were born or to which family?  …

What Is A Christian? Read More »

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There is a growing #population of #people that are of the #opinion that you can #believe what you want, but keep it to yourself.  As the idea of #tolerance morphs into one of discouraging conversation of any consequence, the need …

Biblical Basis for Missions – The Mission of Missions Read More »

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Do you ever feel #targeted?  This series on the #devil is meant to illuminate his targets and when and how he likes to attack.  Satan will strike the community, the church, and even the individual.  What speech draws his attention?  …

His Infernal Ministry – The Performance Of The Unholy Spirit – In Terms Of Targets Read More »

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