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Praise the Lord

Bible Audio Blog #Complaints, #triggers, #fakenews – how do most people choose to express themselves these days?  What does the Bible say about how we should expend our mental energy?  Does God desire our praise?  Is there something built into the human heart
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The Person Who Pities

Bible Audio Blog   Last week, we learned why we should always give #thanks.  This week, we will learn what happens when we ignore this advice and start down a path of #self #pity.  We tend to think of biblical heroes as perfect,
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The Way To Repay

Bible and Microphone   #Reparations for #privilege, how long have people struggled with this idea?  Here we see King David attempting to repay God for His blessings.  Can we pay back God?  What can we take from God that makes Him happy?  What
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