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His Internal Ministry – The Pertinence Of The Holy Spirit – Giving Work Gifts

Bible Audio Blog What is an #apostle?  Were they just the hand picked followers of #Christ or is the #HolySpirit still enabling Believers with the work gift of apostleship today?  I personally have a friend who has the work gift of craftsmanship.  
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Stewardship Accent on Attitude

Bible Audio Blog   #Sharing is caring.  We have been taught this at #home with our siblings, in #school since kindergarten, and at #church since we were in the nursery.  But, is all sharing or giving done with the right attitude?  What does
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Stewardship Personal Promise

Bible Audio Blog   What is your #word worth?  When you give your personal #promise is it worth anything?  How about when God promises something, can we count on that?  Have you ever wondered why so many churches have the name Bethel in
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Stewardship Concerning the Collection

Bible Audio Blog   Some people get uncomfortable when the subject of #money is brought up.  Why is that?  Well, probably because whoever is speaking is usually asking for some of your money.  If you are a created being and the Lord provides
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Word of Challenge

Bible Audio Blog   Was there anything #good or #pleasant that happened during the last week of #Jesus and his earthly ministry?  Who complained when Mary poured expensive ointment on the Savior?  Why was this private moment, away from the multitudes, shared with
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The Ground For Giving

Bible Audio Blog   God doesn’t need your #money.  After all, where do you think it came from in the first place.  However, cheerful #giving back to God and our fellow man is a sign of what?  Most preachers don’t enjoy bringing up
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