Christmas Brightness

Bible Audio Blog
      20001203 Christmas Brightness - Rev. Tommy Jones


Why do so many people #LightUp their yards, houses, and streets in December?  From #ChristmasTrees to #parades, light shows are everywhere this time of year.  Why are these lighting events held at night?  How dark was the world when Jesus Christ arrived?  Is there still a contrast between the darkness of the world today and the Light of the world?  In addition to the darkness of sin, what other things did the arrival of Jesus defeat?  The angels appeared to the shepherds in dazzling light with a message of good news and yet, the shepherds had to be told to ‘fear not.’  Why?  What can we learn from their response?  

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The Winning Witness’ Triumphs

Bible Audio Blog
      19810524 Winning Witnesses - The Witness' Triumphs - Rev. Tommy Jones


Today we wrap up our messages about #witnessing.  Who triumphs when we witness?  Do we always succeed when we share the #Gospel?  How did Paul compare the winning witness’ return to a ticker tape parade?  What kind of captives were part of this parade?  How do they compare to those to whom we witness?  What does Paul mean by making a sweet smell to the Lord?  How do we keep this celebration going?

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