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His Infernal Ministry – The Peril Of The Unholy Spirit – The Savior’s Domination

Bible Audio Blog Finally, a series of messages with a #HappyEnding.  #SpoilerAlert, if you’ve read the #Bible you already know who wins.  What is the difference between the way the devil tried to gain power and the way Jesus Christ achieved domination over
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Word of Controversy

Bible Audio Blog   What was so #controversial about #Jesus and the words He spoke during His last week in Jerusalem?  For whom did He have harsh words?  What act was the last straw for the Sadducees and Pharisees?  What was so bad
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Rest In Peace

Bible Audio Blog   #RIP or #RestInPeace, we see it on #Facebook or #Twitter whenever someone passes away.  But, what does it mean and is it possible?  What is the Sabbath and how does it relate to rest?  Does God get tired?  Why
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Two Explanations

Bible Audio Blog   #MarchMadness has nothing compared to the excitement and implications of #Easter.  How can you explain the incredible #Resurrection story found in the #Bible?  Who rolled away the stone blocking Jesus’ grave?  What does this mean for us about our
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#Riding on  any #animal which has not been trained is  just #looking for a #tumble!  Being raised in Texas where rodeos made bareback riding an art and encouraged the young that they could do it.  I remember my father telling
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Kiss Of Death

Bible Audio Blog   What’s in a name?  How many people or places do you know named after #Judas?  That name has become synonymous with #betrayal and #hypocrisy.  What kind of person does what he did?  How was he perceived?  Who did he
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