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Are You a Christian Mother?

Bible Audio Blog   We are going to take a break this week from the One Another series (just one left) to recognize that Sunday is #Mother’sDay.  You’re welcome for the reminder.  Do you agree with the statement, ‘as the home goes, so
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Problem or Profit

Bible Audio Blog   With #Science and #Faith, it is not an either/or situation.  But one does go further than the other in explaining the world around us.  What does today’s lesson refer to when it says problem or profit?  Brother Tommy is
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How To Grow

Bible Audio Blog   Physical #growth occurs naturally in living things, but how about #spiritual growth?  Do we have a choice in our original or first birth?  How about the second?  How does this second birth compare to the first?  What are the
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Jesus, God’s Last Word

Bible Audio Blog   God’s Word, the #Bible, has always been #controversial.  Did anyone ever attempt to destroy all copies?  Did it work?  Why not?  Who is the living Word?  How was God’s Word delivered to us?  How were people saved in the
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Knowing God

Bible and Microphone   If the Bible says that knowing God is the greatest height a man can attain, where does that leave the #atheist, or the #agnostic?  Is the Bible the only place where we can find out more about God?  Does
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Seven Wonders Of The Word Of God

Bible Audio Blog   What is the Word of God?  It is the #Bible.  The more we learn through our scientific endeavors, the more we find that the Bible got it right even before we knew what questions to ask.  Was the Bible
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