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Christmas Wish

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Daily Devotional Discipline 1-4

Bible Audio Blog   What is a Quiet Time or daily devotional?  Why is it important to #Christian #growth and #well_being?  How can you know what God says about a subject if you don’t read His Word?  Have you ever wished that God
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The Winning Witness’ Training

Bible Audio Blog   We expect athletes to #train before they ever #compete in a #game or event.  But, what would you call a person who trains constantly but never gets in the game?  Witness training is something that can be done throughout
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Are You a Christian Mother?

Bible Audio Blog   We are going to take a break this week from the One Another series (just one left) to recognize that Sunday is #Mother’sDay.  You’re welcome for the reminder.  Do you agree with the statement, ‘as the home goes, so
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Problem or Profit

Bible Audio Blog   With #Science and #Faith, it is not an either/or situation.  But one does go further than the other in explaining the world around us.  What does today’s lesson refer to when it says problem or profit?  Brother Tommy is
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How To Grow

Bible Audio Blog   Physical #growth occurs naturally in living things, but how about #spiritual growth?  Do we have a choice in our original or first birth?  How about the second?  How does this second birth compare to the first?  What are the
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