The Winning Witness’ Type

The Winning Witness’ Type


Let’s begin an eight week series of lessons on being a #winning #witness.  No one can be a witness to what they have not experienced themselves.  So, of necessity these messages are directed to believers about how to share the Gospel with their non-believing friends.  Who is our best example or type of a perfect witness?  Of course, Jesus was chosen by God, but are we?  How do we know that witnessing is not just the responsibility of preachers and missionaries?  Did Jesus depend only on Himself to be a winning witness or did He get help from the Father?  What part does judgement play in this process?  Is there also Grace involved?  Was Christ witnessing in a free and open environment?  What can we learn about His approach to the lost?  Did Jesus win over everybody?  And yet the Bible declares Him victorious.  

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