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      20050522 Liberty In Law - Law Of Love - Rev. Tommy Jones


Oops, I made you wait long enough for the #GoodNews that #Jesus brought to us after we figured out we could not possibly keep the #Law.  If the Ten Commandments show us that we cannot measure up to God’s holy standard, how can we possibly hope to enter His presence much less have a relationship with Him?  What commandment did Jesus give us before He sacrificed Himself for us and defeated death through His resurrection?  Even back in 2005, Brother Tommy saw the rampant examples of the law of hate.  It is easy to hate or at least not to love each other.  How can we keep this new commandment?  God thought it, Jesus brought it, and the Holy Spirit wrought it.  How does loving God fully and our neighbor as ourself automatically keep the Ten Commandments?  

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