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Biblical Basis for Missions – The Master of Missions

Bible Audio Blog Even though #Einstein wasn’t a #Christian, he did breathe new life into the #logic side of the discussion about the existence of #God with his theories about #physics and #dimensions.  But even more important than these scientific boundaries that were
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His Internal Ministry- The Pertinence of the Holy Spirit – Giving Worthy Gifts

Bible Audio Blog Unlike the #fruit of the #Spirit, which all #Believers get in full, the #gifts of the Spirit are given individually to Believers at the Lord’s discretion.  What are the dangers of over or under emphasizing the gifts of the Holy
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His Internal Ministry – The Performance Of The Holy Spirit – In Creation, Preparation, and Incarnation

Bible Audio Blog   Can we trace the existence and the work of the Holy Spirit from the #beginning until now?  How doe we know the Holy Spirit was present and active at the Creation?  What was/is His role in it?  How did
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The Winning Witness’ Task

Bible Audio Blog   Do you have a #ToDoList?  Christians have one given to them by #Jesus Christ Himself.  We have been given a big task.  How can we complete it?  Where do we find the power to share the good news of
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Three Cheers For Life

Bible Audio Blog   Take a break from the #news about #LasVegas and #ProChoice arguments and hear what the Bible has to say about #Life and #Hope.  What is the one thing we all have in common?  Why is guilt such a common
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Do you watch #power #contests?  Seems we all root for the #strongest athlete, team,or politician of our choice;  however, we are sometimes fooled by appearances or loyalties.  The same thing happens in our daily walk as we make decisions about
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