#WORK seems to be #destained today.  I am observing many who seemly want somebody else to take care of them while they accomplish their self indulgence, because WORK is beneath them. “Exertion & toil of strength or facilities to accomplish something with labor” is Websters’ definition of work.  Obviously, many do not know the most High Majestic LORD’S WORK.   “CONSIDER THE WORK OF GOD” Ecclesiastes 7:13  “In the beginning GOD CREATED heaven and earth….GOD FORMED MAN in His own image Male and Female created He them”  Genesis 1:27  “WORKS OF LORD are Great, Honorable, Glorious, Pleasurable, & to be Remembered” Ps.111:2  “How Great are  WORKS of GOD’S HANDS which have made me GLAD” Ps.92:4   Does your work bring joy to others?  “Mighty in Work and Counsel, GOD’S eyes are open to all the ways of men giving them each according to the fruit of their doings” Jeremiah 32:18,19  [pay to play] It is God who WORKS IN YOU both to will and do of His good pleasure Philippians 2:13  Trust, follow, listen to the Master !  “BE CONFIDENT OF THIS VERY THING THAT GOD WHO BEGAN A GOOD WORK IN YOU WILL PERFORM IT UNTIL THE DAY OF JESUS CHRIST” Phil.1:6

Christ Is The Answer – Lift High The Cross

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      20000521 Christ Is The Answer - Lift High The Cross - Rev. Tommy Jones


The #cross, is it a stumbling #block, foolishness, or the answer to #eternal #life?  That depends on how you approach it.  Can we find our way to God by philosophizing or working hard to be good?  What did Paul say was to be the primary theme of preaching?  The message of the cross is simple yet profound.  Why does man’s wisdom balk at the simplicity of the cross?  What quality do we need to see the cross for what it truly is?  Have you ever asked God for a sign?  How can we see the cross properly?  

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His Internal Ministry- The Pertinence of the Holy Spirit – Giving Worthy Gifts

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Unlike the #fruit of the #Spirit, which all #Believers get in full, the #gifts of the Spirit are given individually to Believers at the Lord’s discretion.  What are the dangers of over or under emphasizing the gifts of the Holy Spirit?  What does the presence of the Holy Spirit indicate about the status of a Christian?  Does everyone who puts the Lord in charge of their life receive at least one of these worthy gifts?  Why does Paul say that he doesn’t want us to be ignorant about these things?  Who decides what gift we receive?  Who decides when and where it will be used?  And who gives that gift power?  Who receives a gift and who is supposed to benefit from it?  Estimates of the different gifts vary but, Brother Tommy believed there were twenty and he broke that down further into ten work gifts and ten word gifts which we will cover in the next two weeks (Lord willing).  How do these gifts compare to natural abilities?  Why should we not compare our gifts with those of others?  How can we discover our gift and increase it?  Why does the love chapter appear right in the middle of the discussion of gifts?

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When was the last time you observed “respect” being shown?  Possibly you saw others respectfully remembering someone at a funeral; however, many of those services have ceased.  As a child I noticed all the men tipping their hat to the young and old women as they passed on the sidewalk and if they came to the entrance of a store, the man would always open the door for her thereby showing his respect.  Today…many people rush to get there first or let me open the door for them without so much as a thank you.  “Respect” Has it flown out the window with our explosion of knowledge?  The Word of God tells us who is worthy of HIS esteem.  In Exodus 2 the children of Israel were slaves in Egypt when God heard their groaning and remembered His covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  25.”God looked upon the children of Israel, and GOD HAD RESPECT UNTO THEM”   Are you in your own bondage today?  Could it be sickness, strife, wheelchair, depression, relationships, money, drugs, family, work, or unknown?  “Though the LORD be high, yet hath HE RESPECT UNTO THE LOWLY; but the proud HE knows afar off.  Though I walk in the midst of trouble, God will revive me: He shall stretch forth His hand against the wrath of my enemies, and His right hand shall save me.” Ps.138:6,7  May we learn ‘R E S P E C T’ from the great I AM who is a memorial to all generations.