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His Infernal Ministry- The Performance of the Unholy Spirit – In Terms of Temptations

Bible Audio Blog Have you ever heard or used the #excuse ‘the devil made me do it’?  Can #Satan make us do anything?  When #temptation comes your way, what can you do about it?  What is the difference between temptation from the devil
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His Infernal Ministry – The Performance Of The Unholy Spirit – In Terms Of Territory

Bible Audio Blog The #treatment must fit the #disease.  That is why we are covering this series that Brother Tommy delivered on #Satan, our adversary.  When the Bible talks about the world or worldly things, what is it talking about?  Are there different
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Two Explanations

Bible Audio Blog   #MarchMadness has nothing compared to the excitement and implications of #Easter.  How can you explain the incredible #Resurrection story found in the #Bible?  Who rolled away the stone blocking Jesus’ grave?  What does this mean for us about our
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The Door

Bible Audio Blog   A #room by definition has at least one #door.  Very important rooms often have only one door.  What did #Jesus Christ claim about #EternalLife that was so controversial both then and now?  Jesus is the door out of what? 
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#Joke for today, “Truth in #Advertising”  Does truth mean the same thing to everyone?  One person tells it like he sees it, but another sees something completely different.  Judges 17:6″In those days…every man did what was right in his own
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A Miracle With A Message

Bible and Microphone   Imagine throwing a #wedding feast and running out of supplies for the guests, or what if that had happened during your #Thanksgiving dinner or at your upcoming #Christmas party.  Jesus Christ saved the day with a miracle, but what
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