Walk in the Light

Bible Audio Blog Numerous studies have shown that #walking is good for your #health.  How should a #Christian walk?  ‘In the light’ is the answer.  But what does that look like?  Does your walk match your talk?  Of course, we can’t live a
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Easter Journey Into Joy

Bible Audio Blog I can’t even.  We have two more messages in the series we have been doing on the #devil.  But after the celebration I just attended for the #resurrection of my #Lord and #Savior #Jesus Christ, I had to share a
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Encourage One Another

Bible Audio Blog   When was the last time someone #encouraged you?  I got some encouragement today from visitors to our connect group.  I was taken aback. Usually visitors sit back and soak everything in before they join, but this Christian couple took
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The Door

Bible Audio Blog   A #room by definition has at least one #door.  Very important rooms often have only one door.  What did #Jesus Christ claim about #EternalLife that was so controversial both then and now?  Jesus is the door out of what? 
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#Violence, #Barbarism, #Massacres, and all manner of #Carnage are happening right now as displayed on the internet and TV.  While #Evil is thrust before our eyes to make us #fearful, Ps.56:11 “In #GOD will I put my trust; I will
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#”Words, Words, Words, I’m so sick of Words” is a line from the musical My Fair Lady and is relevant for today as we are bombarded with loud -pompous- egotistical- opinionated voices from all media.  Where can we turn?  John
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