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Heaven’s Welcoming Committee

Bible Audio Blog What #tools did Jesus tell us to use to make #Heaven a better place?  How can Believers use their #money, #time, and #talents to create a welcoming committee for themselves in Heaven?  There’s a parable in Luke that Jesus tells
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Receive One Another

Bible Audio Blog   What brings people #together despite different #backgrounds, #politics, #races, or anything else?  It is the fellowship of Believers.  Does this mean excluding non-believers?  How are we to receive each other?  Is it based on who they are or what
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Survey of Stewardship

Bible Audio Blog   Would it shock you to find out that it was never #God’s plan for #Government to provide all of our needs?  How would you feel if you found out that the Bible states that God provides for us and
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When was the last time you observed “respect” being shown?  Possibly you saw others respectfully remembering someone at a funeral; however, many of those services have ceased.  As a child I noticed all the men tipping their hat to the
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