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The Way to Worship

Bible Audio Blog   What is one thing we all have in #common?  What form does our search for #God, #meaning, and #worship take?  Why should we worship God?  Would God rather have us serve Him or worship Him?  Is there a difference? 
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Praise The Lord

Bible Audio Blog   #Complaining, #whining, #depression… it is easy to fall into a pattern of these things.  How does the Bible say that we can break this cycle?  What is inherent in even the most primitive cultures?   How has praise for
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Worthy Worship

Bible Audio Blog   How do you #worship?  First, what is worship?  What displeases God?  Conversely what does God desire from our worship?  Ask yourself, do you enjoy going?  Do you want to know what God wants?  Do you come with a repentant
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